June 22, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Oversight Board Proposed for Jefferson County (Ala.) Sewer System

Posted in Alabama, Arkansas, DC, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, Washington at 7:21 pm by bengann

In Alabama, Jefferson County officials have proposed an oversight board for the sewer system in an effort to get support from state lawmakers and creditors to solve its lingering sewer debt crisis. The county said the proposal is likely the last hope of reaching a solution that involves concessions to creditors.

Amtrak halted all train service between Baltimore and Washington on Saturday because of a major water main break north of BWI  that covered the tracks with mud. 

City officials in Wichita, Kansas took bottled water to residents and businesses in a neighborhood that was without water after a ruptured water main.

The Muncie (Ind.) Sanitary District plans to borrow $9 million to clean up sewage overflow in northwest Jakes Creek and along the White River.

Stimulus Spotlight
The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in the city of Prairie Grove is one of seven Arkansas clean water projects on a short list to get federal stimulus funding.

Sewer Rate News
Mesquite, Nevada
Milton-Freewater, Washington

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