July 20, 2009

Monday’s Water News: 70 Year Old Water Main Fails, Causes Boil Advisory and Road Closures

Posted in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming at 5:37 pm by pjtabit

A water main break in Kalamazoo, Michigan closed streets and required a water boil advisory that is still in effect.  City officials noted that the age of the pipe likely caused its failure.

An effective sewage system in San Marcos, Texas allows residents to recycle water, solving the city’s drought problem.  According to city officials, the water “meets Type 1 designation which is approved for uses where public contact is likely.”

A water main break in Honesdale, Pennsylvania has resulted in a water boil advisory for residents while the Department of Environmental Protection tests water quality.

Stimulus Spotlight
Virginia is investing $1 billion in stimulus funds in highway and sewer projects.  An additional $4.8 billion in stimlus funds is expected.

Federal stimulus funds will jumpstart a flood control project and bridge construction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In addition, the city will invest $1.15 in water mains and sewers surrounding the work site.

Sewer Rate News
Jackson, Wyoming
Corsicana, Texas
Joliet, Illinois

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