July 21, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Sewage Line Break Sends Waste Through UGA Campus

Posted in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia at 5:39 pm by bengann

A broken 18-inch sewer line sent raw sewage rushing through the University of Georgia campus on Monday. Workers had hoped to replace the section of broken pipe Monday evening, but as they excavated the clay pipe from the stream bank, the crew discovered that the length of damaged pipe was longer than expected – at least 10 feet. Instead of repairing the break right away, workers installed a temporary fix and planned to repair the break today.

A Kalamazoo, Michigan street was expected to reopen today after work to repair damage from a water-main break took longer than expected. City workers are behind schedule because the break, which occurred on Sunday, caused damage to a storm sewer, a couple of sewer leads and a water-service lead to a nearby house.

In New York, crews were working into the evening yesterday to repair a water main break that is a major source of water for thousands of people in the city of Rensselaer and the towns of North Greenbush, East Greenbush and Schodack.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Ohio, part of Wyandot County’s federal stimulus money will go toward a first-ever sewer system for the village of Wharton and a sewer improvement project in the village of Carey.

More than $4 million in stimulus money will help upgrade Pittsford, Vermont’s water system after the USDA awarded the town a $2.1 million grant along with a $2.6 million loan.

Sewer Rate News
Bethlehem, West Virginia
Lake Jackson, Texas
Marco Island, Florida
Smyth County, Virginia

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