July 24, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Major Water Main Break in San Antonio

Posted in California, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas at 3:30 pm by bengann

A large water-main break Thursday flooded a neighborhood street on San Antonio’s Northeast Side and did serious damage to people’s driveways leaving quite a mess.

The Borough Council of Blairsville, Pennsylvania at its Tuesday night meeting recognized the approval of more than $13.4 million in state funding to expand its sewage treatment plant and to help reduce storm sewer infiltration that places an unnecessary burden on the plant.

In California, the Town of Hillsborough and the neighborhood of Burlingame Hills have agreed to improve their wastewater treatment systems to the point that within five years they have fewer than five spills per year in each area.

The second water main break to occur in downtown Dover, New Jersey in the past two days left an additional 40 homes and 10 businesses under a boil water advisory on Thursday.
Stimulus Spotlight
Another round of stimulus fund announcements will bring $5.5 million more to the community of Fort Madison, Iowa this time for its water treatment facility.

Sewer Rate News
Ontario, Ohio
Riverbank, California

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