July 27, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Michigan Wants to Change Name of CSOs

Posted in Arizona, California, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee at 5:04 pm by bengann

In Michigan, combined sewer overflows (CSOs) may be getting a new name. The state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have suggested that CSOs, of partially treated stormwater and sanitary sewage, should be called “retention treatment basin discharges.” The state’s DEQ argues that the RTB label is a better one, because not all CSOs receive partial treatment in the state.

Two northbound lanes on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco were shut down on Sunday leaving tourist-season traffic gridlocked and dozens of residents without water for several hours after an overnight break in a 100-year-old water main.

More than 7 million gallons of combined sewage overflowed from the Saginaw Wastewater Treatment Plant in Michigan after rain last week.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority has awarded $27.3 million in federal stimulus funds to communities across the state for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

A total of 40 North Carolina communities in 31 counties have been awarded more than $45 million in stimulus funding for drinking water, stormwater and wastewater projects.

Sewer Rate News
Cottonwood, Arizona
Las Flores, California
Mosheim, Tennessee
West Branch, Michigan

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