July 29, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: EPA Sues West Virginia Town Regarding Failing Sewage System

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The EPA has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Fort Gay, West Virginia. The suit alleges the town is allowing malfunctioning sewer pumps to discharge raw waste into the town’s drinking water supply.

A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Counsel notes that beach warnings and shutdowns resulting from water quality concerns have surpassed 20,000 for the fourth consecutive year. The study also states that most contamination occurs when waste water collection systems become overwhelmed by heavy rainfalls.

The city of Stockton, California will pay $4 million to the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance to settle a lawsuit, filed under the Clean Water Act, which alleged that 1,530 sewage spills in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta have endangered public health.

Travelers in Colfax, Idaho are facing delays after a morning water main break on U.S. Highway 195 reduced traffic to one land in each direction.

Stimulus Spotlight
Monroe City, Missouri will use $1.4 million in stimulus funds to make repairs and improvements to its water distribution system. Announcing the plan, State Senator Wes Shoemyer noted that the thirty year old system could “no longer keep up with the demands placed on it.”

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire says the town of Metaline will get $600,000 in federal stimulus money plus another federal grant of nearly $1 million to pay for 320,000-gallon water storage tank, a filtration plant and new water meters for the town of 175 residents.

Sewer Rates
Boulder, Colorado
Dothan, Alabama
Leesburg, Virginia

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