July 30, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: Aging Sewer System Closes Lake Erie Beaches

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Vacationers hoping to enjoy the beaches of Lake Erie (N.Y.) are increasingly being turned away due to polluted waters. According to officials in Lake Erie County, the region’s aging sewer system can no longer handle demand prompting beach closures after only a half  inch of rain in a 24-hour period.

Officials in Des Moines, Iowa have closed a busy downtown street and the adjacent YMCA indefinitely in reponse to a water main break earlier today.  The cause of the break is unknown.

Increased federal investment in water infrastructure is providing a lifeline to many struggling utility companies, a Forbes publication reports.  One firm, for example,  has seen profits double as a result of the investment.

Washington based group, the Aspen Institute, has released a report titled “Sustainable Water Systems: Step One – Redefining the Nation’s Infrastructure Challenge.” In addition to making recommendations for improving the health of the nation’s water systems, the report also outlines strategies for constructing sustainable water infrastructure.

Stimulus Spotlight
In a special vote, residents of Bellows Falls, Vermont authorized $6 million in sewer improvements. The town will apply for stimulus funds to cover the projects’ costs.

New York state will award $80 million in federal stimulus money to green clean water infrastructure projects as part of an effort to cut down on water contamination that has been responsible for dozens of beach closures this year.

Sewer Rates
Monticello, Georgia
Peru, Illinois
Abington, Massachusetts

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