August 4, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: $1.9 Million Project Prevents Sewage From Flooding Homes

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Residents of Dubuque, Iowa will soon rest more easily knowing that heavy rains will no longer lead to raw sewage flooding homes along a local creek.  The $1.9 million project comes after the city faced fines resulting from violations of proper sewage treatment guidelines.

Officials in Racine, Wisconsin are scrambling to clear debris from the city’s police station after a 130 year-old water main broke, flooding a parking garage and part of an office building.

Residents of the Zinno Community in Pueblo County, Colorado are suffering under 100 degree heat after a broken water pump interrupted service to 97 homes.  Until repairs can be made, the population is relying on a water truck for drinking water.

Stimulus Spotlight
Graceville, Florida will receive $1.9 million in stimulus funds to improve the city’s sewage collection system.  The funds are part of $212 million awarded to the state of Florida for drinking water and wastewater management projects.

Today the USDA announced $155 million in funding for water and wastewater infrastructure in 15 states.  A total of 36 projects have been selected.

Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) has announced a $1 billion investment in that state’s water and wastewater systems. The funding boost has come from leveraging and matching nearly $220 million in federal stimulus funds.

Sewer Rates
New Albany, Indiana
Graniteville, South Carolina
Menasha, Wisconsin


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