August 10, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Water Filter Shortage Slows Pace of Stimulus Projects

Posted in Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, National, Ohio, Wisconsin at 1:36 pm by bengann

A shortage of American made water filters has made it more difficult to complete water and sewer projects funded by the economic stimulus. Stimulus funded projects contain “Buy American” provisions and General Electric makes the water filters in Canada, so some water projects are on hold as officials wait for waivers that will allow them to buy the filters.

City officials in Ironton, Ohio say they have discovered a backup in its combined sewer system that was releasing sewage into  basements and bathrooms after heavy rains.

Three sewer overflows in Grand Rapids, Michigan caused by overnight rain early Saturday discharged 34,000 gallons of wastewater into the Grand River.

Stimulus Spotlight
The town of Amesbury, Massachusetts will receive $3 million in loan forgivenss from the economic stimulus for $18.2 million in wastewater treatment plant improvements.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has announced the city of Two Rivers will receive a $2.8 million clean water grant that will allow it to update its water treatment system.

Sewer Rate News
Abington, Massachusetts
Carmel, Indiana
Chandler, Indiana
Gun Plain Township, Michigan


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