August 14, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Pittsburgh Seeks Solution for Sewer Backups

Posted in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Utah at 1:45 pm by bengann

Following complaints from residents in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh of sewage backups caused by inadequate infrastructure, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has agreed to study and perhaps fix sewer system issues in the neighborhood.

Police in El Cerrito, California closed down roads early this morning after a water main break began flooding streets and causing the road to buckle.

A water main break in Lubbock, Texas that burst because of its advanced age is expected cause traffic delays throughout the day.

The City of San Diego has been told they cannot keep running the region’s main sewage plant below federal standards. That decision means the city could be forced to make $1.5 billion in upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in Point Loma which serves 2 million people.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Masscusetts Department of Environmental Protection has included a project to control and reduce pollution in the Charles River as part of its Green Infrastructure Project list.  The $895,000 grant for this project comes from money set aside in the stimulus for green infrastructure projects.

Sewer Rate News
Blanchester, Ohio
Desert Valley, Utah 
Lewisville, Texas


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