August 17, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Broken Sewer Line Causes Sinkhole in Salt Lake City

Posted in Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah at 5:43 pm by bengann

A massive sinkhole in Salt Lake City caused by a broken sewer linethat had eroded the ground is creating problems for area residents. The sinkhole caused a retaining wall to collapse in parts. Local newscasters referred to the sinkhole collapse as the “stinkhole.”

Residents of an apartment complex in Springfield, Massachusetts had their service disrupted and parking lot flooded over the weekend. Residents say this is not the first break to affect the complex this year.

A ball check valve broke Sunday afternoon in a sewage lift station in St. Charles, Illinois sending raw sewage out of the building, and into the Fox River.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Onslow (N.C.) Water and Sewer Authority has accepted stimulus funds for two water projects. The first project funding is for the construction of two new supply wells to address mandatory withdrawal reductions and the second is for construction of a 12-inch raw water pipeline to connect to an existing raw water pipeline to a water treatment plant.

A combined Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan and stimulus grant of $1.435 million has been awarded to Muskogee County, Oklahoma  to upgrade the county’ wastewater treatment plant. The project will consist of constructing 3,600 feet of 54-inch sanitary sewer line and all related construction and appurtenances.

Sewer Rate News
Boerne, Texas
Oswego, New York


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