August 21, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Evansville (Ind.) Completes Treatment Plant Project

Posted in Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin at 2:30 pm by bengann

Evansville, Indiana has dedicated a new $23.5 million biological aerated filter project at its west side water treatment plant that will allow the plant to treat 40 million gallons per day, helping combat flooding and sewer problems.

Manholes and pumping stations in Duluth, Minnesota couldn’t handle the extra rainwater on Wednesday and Thursday and spewed a mixture of rain and untreated sewage onto streets and into local streams and Lake Superior. Under an EPA Consent Decree, the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District and the city of Duluth are combining to spend more than $100 million over a decade to correct sewer overflow problems.

Hundreds of  residents in Monson, Massachusetts were forced to deal with the heat with no running water Thursday night after a major water main break resulted in a loss of 750,000 gallons of water and interrupted service to the town’s main water supply

Stimulus Spotlight
The EPA has announced the state of Wisconsin will receive more than $37 million in stimulus funds to help the state and local governments finance  overdue improvements to water projects.

The state of Alabama  has been awarded more than $63 million from the economic stimulus to improve aging water and wastewater infrastructure in the state.

Sewer Rate News
Fairfield, Iowa
South Pittsburg, Tennessee

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