August 25, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: EPA to Review New Albany (Ind.) Sewer Overflows

Posted in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas at 4:20 pm by bengann

The EPA is reviewing complaints from residents in New Albany, Indiana about sanitary sewer overflows. The city is under a consent decree with the EPA for Clean Water Act violations.

Some residents in Taylor, Texas were asked to boil their water to destroy harmful bacteria and other microbes that are possibly in the drinking water after a water main break caused a drop in water pressure.

A street in Kansas City had to be closed over the weekend after a water main break eroded the soil creating a sinkhole.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Sebring, Florida has been awarded a $2.07 million grant from the economic stimulus to loop its water lines.  Only 10 cities in Florida were awarded funds from the drinking water state revolving fund by way of the economic stimulus.

Bonifay, Florida will receive a $468,816 grant and an $82,732 loan from the federal economic stimulus to extend city water to a local hospital and support development south of the City.

Sewer Rate News
Century, Florida
Charlotte, Michigan
Cresson, Pennsylvania


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