September 2, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Lancaster (Penn.) to Draft Plan Adressing Sewer Overflows

Posted in California, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania at 3:04 pm by bengann

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is putting together a plan for the EPA on how the city intends to address problems it has had in complying with the Clean Water Act. In 2008, raw sewage and industrial wastewater from in and around the city were piped directly into the Conestoga River 96 times without being treated.

Public works crews in San Diego worked through the night to repair a water main that broke causing a sinkhole and leaving some residents without water service Wednesday morning.

In New York, the Dewitt Town Board unanimously has voted to build a public sewer system in the hamlet of Jamesville despite cost increases that have occurred since the project was first delayed in 2005. Originally estimated to cost $1.75 million the project is estimated to cost $2.4 million.

Stimulus Spotlight
Gwinnett County, Georgia has benefited from the economic stimulus with funding that includes $18.5 million for three wastewater infrastructure projects.

The California State Water Board has awarded $10 million in economic stimulus funds to a Los Angeles area project to prevent trash from entering the storm drain system.

Sewer Rate News
Camanche, Iowa
Frankfort, Kentucky

I’m taking a few days off. The next post will be on Tuesday, September 8.


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