September 23, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Public Works Official Resigns After Massive Sewage Spill

Posted in Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin at 6:07 pm by bengann

In North Carolina, a 32-year veteran of the City of Thomasville’s Public Works department has resigned after the largest sewage spill in the state in over a decade went unreported for about 20 days until an environmentalist notified federal investigators.
The EPA, along with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, is suing the city of Evansville for multiple violations of the federal Clean Water Act.
A water main break in Decatur, Alabama caused more than 2.5 million gallons of water to spill, forcing the local high school to close for the day while work crews repaired the broken pipe.
Traffic piled up Tuesday evening in Rutland, Vermont after a water main break, causing a steady stream of flooding to close two lanes of northbound traffic for about half a mile.
Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Escondido, California will receive $3.25 million in federal stimulus money to replace six miles of aging water lines. Funds from the stimulus money will cover only half the cost of the $6.5 million project. The remainder will come from a low-interest state loan the city plans to pay back over a 20-year period.

Sewer Rate News
Big Spring, Texas
Dothan, Alabama
Germantown, Wisconsin
Sanford, Florida


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