September 24, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: Civil Engineers to Examine L.A.’s Water Main Breaks

Posted in California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina at 2:50 pm by bengann

In Los Angeles, a panel of civil engineering experts will try to determine what has caused more than 35 water main breaks during the first three weeks of September. Although the number of breaks is not unusual for a city the size of L.A.,  experts are surprised the number of severe breaks recently.  

Part of a major Tampa thoroughfare was closed to traffic on Wednesday after a major water main broke, causing water damage to the sidewalk and a traffic pole.

Untreated wastewater overflowing from a blocked sanitary sewer line in San Diego led on Wednesday to a coastal pollution alert for a neighboring beach.

A ruptured sewer main in Macon, Georgia left work crews waist deep in the Ocmulgee River, stacking sandbags where the busted concrete main had formed a 15-foot-wide sinkhole at the rising river’s edge.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Lake Worth, Florida  expects to get $2.5 million in federal stimulus money toward building a reverse-osmosis water treatment plant and a deep injection well, resolving a long debate about how to meet the city’s future water needs. The overall cost of the project is estimated at $25.1 million.

Sewer Rate News
Colfax, California
Columbia, South Carolina
Williamsport, Pennsylvania


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