September 28, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Woes Continue in Los Angeles

Posted in California, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas at 11:31 pm by bengann

A water main ruptured in Los Angeles this morning, interrupting service to dozens of customers in what is the latest in a series of breaks in L.A.’s water system. The rupture comes on the heels of other water main breaks reported over the weekend. Some experts have speculated that the city’s recent decision to allow sprinklers to be used only on Mondays and Thursdays may be increasing stress on aging pipes because of sudden changes in pressure.

Cleanup continues in the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk after a massive water main break two weeks ago. 33 homes are still without power following the incident. Traffic delays near the area of the break are expected for another two to four weeks while repairs continue.

In Savannah, Georgia, water in the Oatland Island area has been deemed safe after discovered this weekend and according to the Georgia Environmental Protection Department, the waters are safe after 112,000 gallons of sewage spilled into Richardson Creek before they were able to fix the damaged line.

The North Carolina Division of Water Quality has fined the city of Thomasville over $35,000 after a wastewater spill in July and August allowed 15.93 million gallons of raw sewage to enter neighboring creek.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has awarded the city of Blackfoot a low- interest loan of $4 million via the economic stimulus  for improvements to the city’s drinking water system.

Sewer Rate News
Clute, Texas
Mandan, North Dakota
Troy, Missouri


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