September 30, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Municipalities Under Pressure to Upgrade Systems

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Engineering News-Record examines the challenges facing municipalities as aging wastewater treatment systems reach the end of their useful life and stricter regulations for removing nutrients. Here is quote from the article detailing where most of the funding comes from for these improvements.

Glen Daigger, senior wastewater technologist at Englewood, Colo.-based CH2M Hill, says municipalities spend approximately $50 billion a year on maintenance and upgrade projects. The stimulus money, which provided $4 billion for the clean-water state revolving fund and $2 billion for the drinking-water SRF, is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed, he says. “The funding source for municipal water and wastewater systems is the ratepayers. That’s where the bulk of the money is coming from, and that’s where the bulk of the money will come from in the future.”

At least 20 homes and a fire hydrant were without water this morning after another water main rupture in the Los Angeles area, this time in Long Beach. As of Monday, 43 breaks requiring significant repair had occurred since the beginning of September, compared with 21 in September 2008.

Officials in Fort Thomas, Kentucky finally shut off the water to some residents after water main break and shot water 25 feet in the air.

Stimulus Spotlight
Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher has announced that the Towns of Clifton Forge and Iron Gate and Alleghany County will receive economic stimulus funding via the USDA providing a grant of $2.7 million and a low-interest federal loan of $2.4 million to construct a new regional wastewater system.

Prentiss County, Mississippi has been approved for a subsidized low-interest loan of $2,060,980 from the economic stimulus for wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Sewer Rate News
Monroe City, Missouri
Oceanside, California
Victoria, Texas


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