October 30, 2009

Friday’s Water News: EPA Wants Cleaner Mississippi River Around St. Louis

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EPA has ordered new clean water standards for the Mississippi River around St. Louis. The agency wants the water to be clean enough to swim in. The 28-and-a-half miles of river near St. Louis is being polluted with billions of gallons of raw sewage and waste each year.

A major water main break this morning gushed water on the Las Vegas Strip and squeezed traffic before crews were able to begin making repairs.

In Michigan, combined sewer overflows have been reported from wastewater treatment plants in Bay City, Essexville and Saginaw following heavy rain today.

Baltimore County (Md.) residents were advised to avoid Powder Mill Branch after an overflow of 20,000 gallons from a sanitary sewer was discovered.

Stimulus Spotlight
State and local leaders were in Lula, Georgia today to break ground as they marked the beginning of construction for the city’s new wastewater treatment plant. The $10 million project is partially funded through the economic stimulus.

Big Lake, Minnesota will receive a $15.5 million grant for improvements to its wastewater treatment plant. Part of the grant is being funded through the economic stimulus.

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October 29, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: Water Main Break Causes Traffic Delays in Norfolk

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In Norfolk, Virginia, the state Department of Transportation is keeping an off-ramp from I-564 East and an I-64 West Interchange closed through Thursday’s rush hour to repair a water main break.

A water main break in Grand Junction, Colorado is flooding yards and an apartment complex today. The break occurred this morning, shooting water 100 feet in the air and creating a four-foot hole in the street

The city of Plattsmouth, Nebraska has received word that they may be the beneficiary of a legislative earmark dedicating $1.2 million for the city’s Combined Sewer Overflow project.

Water problems caused by a water main break Tuesday night in Chicopee, Massachusetts has highlighted the city’s water infrastructure problems. A break in a 24-inch cement water transmission line prompted low water pressure throughout the city.

Stimulus Spotlight
DeLand, Florida will receive a $3 million loan, with funds coming out of the federal stimulus bill, that will help pay for construction of a new water treatment plant northeast of the city.

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October 28, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Indiana Project Will Reduce Sewer Overflows

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The Anderson, Indiana Board of Public Works has awarded a $8,249,000 contract to make facility improvements to the Water Pollution Control department for Phase I of its long-term control plan. The plan is in place to fulfill a federal consent decree that requires updates to the facility and a reduction in the annual number of combined sewer overflow events.

A water main break in Sun City, Arizona flooded neighborhoods in the southern portion of the city.

Most of the student housing at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah were without water after a water main break.

Stimulus Spotlight
The town of Georgetown, Indiana will receive a $3.5 million grant through federal stimulus funds to build a wastewater treatment facility. The town does not have a sewage plant and was facing higher rates to remain on the city of New Albany’s system for another five years.

The city of Angels Camp,  California will be making $3.1 million worth of upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant thanks to incoming funding from the economic stimulus.

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October 27, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Sewage Spill Kills Fish in Yadkin River

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In North Carolina, thousands of dead fish have washed onto the banks of the Yadkin River in Rowan County and High Rock Lake due to an apparent sewage spill in Davidson County.

The City of South Haven, Michigan dealt with a water-main break and expect a boil water order for two to three days until the appropriate repairs can be made.

Construction crews worked overnight to repair a seven-foot sinkhole caused by a water main rupture in Yorba Linda, California.

A water main broke Tuesday in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, sending water shooting high into the air and leaving a sizable hole in the road.

Stimulus Spotlight
James A. Hanlon, director of EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management, has acknowledged that while 100% of the stimulus funds designated for water projects has been obligated, but only about 20 percent of these were under construction in mid-October. That means the remaining 80 percent needs to get under contract/construction before Feb. 17, 2010 or risk losing those funds.

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October 26, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Sewage Spill Closes Long Beach Coastline

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Long Beach (Calif.) health officials have taken water samples and could decide Tuesday whether to reopen two miles of coastline closed by a weekend sewage spill.

Sterlington, Louisiana has begun construction on a new wastewater treatment plant that will increase the growing town’s treatment capacity nearly three-fold. The $1.7 million plant has been in the planning stages for several years.

About 30 homes in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles were without water today after, officials determined, an 8-inch water main burst.

Stimulus Spotlight
A vulnerability in Reno, Nevada’s water supply made clear by an earthquake is being fixed to increase the reliability of the system. The $14 million project is being partially funded with a $3 million zero-interest loan in federal stimulus funds.

In Fort Worth, Texas, construction will begin in February on a long-planned pipeline that will ship recycled wastewater to golf courses and other users thanks to a $22 million grant from the federal stimulus program.

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October 23, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Overflows and Flooding In Texas

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Heavy rains caused sewer pipes to overflow in north Texas and led to minor flooding in central Texas, where at least one death was reported.  Heavy rains caused several overflows  in the city of Fort Worth and in central Texas, officials had to open flood gates at two local dams to help control flooding.

A section of a major road in Crestwood, Missouri resembled a water park Tuesday evening after a large water main broke around 5 p.m. The break in the 20-inch main was approximately 60 years old.

Residents in Davenport, Iowa  discussed a $50 million sewer tunnel project with city officials on Thursday. The first phase of the project will start in several months and the entire project is expected to take five years to complete.

Stimulus Spotlight
A $90,240 from the economic stimulus will allow Provincetown, Massachusetts to begin stormwater upgrades along a congested 3-mile stretch of road that runs along the Boston Harbor.

In California, connecting two mobile home parks to the Coachella Valley and Mission Springs water districts are among 160 water projects statewide that have received stimulus funding.

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October 22, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: $3 Million Sewer Project to Start in Small Iowa Community

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A sewer separation project covering a 16-square block area in Keokuk, Iowa is set to begin at an estimated cost of $3.4 million. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 2011.

Goshen, Indiana is kicking off a $34 million project to clear up a problem with storm sewer overflows that occurs when heavy rains send untreated wastewater into the Elkhart River.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has chosen the Pablo/Lake County Water & Sewer District for low-interest loans and funding from the economic stimulus to replace old and undersized water and mains within the district.

The city of Oregon, Illinois will receive $1.8 million in stimulus funding to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant.  In addition to the stimulus funds The city will also receive  a $1.8 million no-interest loan to finance the project.

In Massachusetts, four South Shore communities have received parts of a $750,266 federal grant from the economic stimulus to help improve water quality.

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October 21, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: L.A. to Borrow $958 Million for Water Infrastructure

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power plans to issue $958 million in bonds to pay for the repair of aging water infrastructure and deliver on promised upgrades. Much of the water bond money is going for infrastructure improvements to try to deal with the seemingly endless series of water main breaks throughout the city.

New York Senator Charles Schumer has announced he is trying to get an additional $1 billion dollars to be distributed as grants – not loans – to communities to address water and sewer infrastructure needs. 

A broken water main left much of Hudson Valley Community College (N.Y.)without running water Tuesday, forcing the school to close in the early afternoon and backing up traffic.

A water main break yesterday in Crestwood, Missouri backed up traffic for miles and left residents and businesses with little or no water pressure.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Countrywide, Illinois, $5.3 million in stimulus funds will be used to replace sections of sewer where there are structural defects or actual leaking of the sewer occurs.

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October 20, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: 100,000 Gallon Sewage Spill in San Antonio

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The city of San Antonio’s utility company says a wastewater line collapse was discovered on Monday, potentially sending thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Olmos Creek. Estimates are that more than 100,000 gallons were spilled due to the break.

In California, first a sewage spill, then the first rains of the season, have left Long Beach’s beaches closed to swimmers for much of this week.

The rash of water main breaks in Los Angeles continued this morning, with at three more ruptures causing flooding and street closures. LA officials have stressed that the city’s 7,200 miles of pipe are not actually leaking more in fact, the number of leaks, about 1,400 a year, is down from the past — but recent breaks have gushed more and been more destructive.

Stimulus Spotlight
The District of Columbia government and its water utility will receive a combined $38.9 million in stimulus funding for projects that stem excess dirty stormwater runoff and upgrade the water distribution network’s piping around the city.

The city of Aurora, Illinois will receive slightly more than $1.1 million in interest-free loans from the federal economic stimulus to support replacements of three major water mains.

New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D) has announced that almost $366,000 in federal stimulus funds will go towards the planning of clean water projects for Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes.

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October 19, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Lansing CSO Project Showing Improvements

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Lansing, Michigan’s rivers are benefiting from a combined sewer overflow (CSO) project that started almost two decades ago and has cost $278 million so far. Statistics show that, while it took years of CSO work to see large diversion numbers, real progress didn’t become evident until after 2000. Lansing’s residents are paying for the project through higher sewer rates.

A new project is proposed for St. Joseph, Missouri that would upgrade a water treatment facility with an extra ultra-violet treatment tank and pumping station to keep up with industry standards on water quality.

Hoping to stem the tide of sanitary sewer overflows into Darby Creek, Haverford, Pennsylvania plans to  install a 1.5 million gallon emergency overflow tank.

Several downtown Boston office buildings were closed and a section of Cambridge Street was down to one lane of traffic after a water main break early this morning.

Stimulus Spotlight
In California, the Calaveras County Water District has received $1,7 million in stimulus funds for a new water storage tank which will double its capacity.

American Indian tribes in the Dakotas are getting about $42 million in federal stimulus money for water project.

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