October 21, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: L.A. to Borrow $958 Million for Water Infrastructure

Posted in California, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio at 5:49 pm by bengann

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power plans to issue $958 million in bonds to pay for the repair of aging water infrastructure and deliver on promised upgrades. Much of the water bond money is going for infrastructure improvements to try to deal with the seemingly endless series of water main breaks throughout the city.

New York Senator Charles Schumer has announced he is trying to get an additional $1 billion dollars to be distributed as grants – not loans – to communities to address water and sewer infrastructure needs. 

A broken water main left much of Hudson Valley Community College (N.Y.)without running water Tuesday, forcing the school to close in the early afternoon and backing up traffic.

A water main break yesterday in Crestwood, Missouri backed up traffic for miles and left residents and businesses with little or no water pressure.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Countrywide, Illinois, $5.3 million in stimulus funds will be used to replace sections of sewer where there are structural defects or actual leaking of the sewer occurs.

Sewer Rate News
Biloxi, Mississippi
Gaines Charter Township, Michigan
Urbana, Ohio

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