October 23, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Overflows and Flooding In Texas

Posted in California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas at 1:05 pm by bengann

Heavy rains caused sewer pipes to overflow in north Texas and led to minor flooding in central Texas, where at least one death was reported.  Heavy rains caused several overflows  in the city of Fort Worth and in central Texas, officials had to open flood gates at two local dams to help control flooding.

A section of a major road in Crestwood, Missouri resembled a water park Tuesday evening after a large water main broke around 5 p.m. The break in the 20-inch main was approximately 60 years old.

Residents in Davenport, Iowa  discussed a $50 million sewer tunnel project with city officials on Thursday. The first phase of the project will start in several months and the entire project is expected to take five years to complete.

Stimulus Spotlight
A $90,240 from the economic stimulus will allow Provincetown, Massachusetts to begin stormwater upgrades along a congested 3-mile stretch of road that runs along the Boston Harbor.

In California, connecting two mobile home parks to the Coachella Valley and Mission Springs water districts are among 160 water projects statewide that have received stimulus funding.

Sewer Rate News
Homer, Illinois
Teague, Texas


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