October 16, 2009

Friday’s Water News: House Passes Bill for California Water Recycling Projects

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The House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that would extend federal funding to six new water recycling projects in California’s Bay Area. If passed, about $32 million would go toward projects that treat wastewater for irrigation and other municipal uses at schools, golf courses and city parks.

A county courthouse in Malibu, California was closed this morning after a nearby water main break cut off water inside the building.

An apartment building in Waukesha, Wisconsin was without water this morning after a water main break disrupted service and led to a loss of 1.4 million gallons of water.

Stimulus Spotlight
Environmental projects in Kanawha County, West Virginia has received more than $12 million dollars for wastewater and sewer projects throughout the county.

Brownville, Maine residents voted 33 to 10 on Wednesday to borrow up to $450,000 for improvements to the town-owned water system. The 30-year loan is the local match for a $1,265,000 grant from the USDA through the economic stimulus package.

A $4.5 million water line replacement project set to begin in November will cost the Town of Bath, West Virginia less because of more than $2 million in federal stimulus funds.

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October 15, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: Record Number of Sewer Overflows in Mid-Missouri

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Storms that pelted Mid-Missouri late last week dumped more than 5 inches of rain in about a 24-hour period, causing 29 sanitary sewer overflow incidents according to the Columbia Department of Public Works–the highest number of such events from a single rainstorm in Columbia in more than 30 years.

A sewer overflow from a storm that dumped 6.9 inches on Morgan Hill, California caused the cancellation of a fundraiser to feed the homeless. Much of the city was underwater by rush hour Tuesday as the largest storm in decades hit the Bay Area.  

Work has begun on the replacement of the wastewater treatment plant that serves a residential development in Bath, Ohio. The estimated cost for the work is $460,000.

Stimulus Spotlight
In California, Tuolumne Utilities District has approved a contract of more than $3 million for the final phase of the reconstruction of water distribution system.  The work is being paid for by stimulus funds the district secured in August.

Burke County, North Carolina will benefit from the economic stimulus with a $573,800 loan aimed at improving the county’s water system.

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October 14, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Overflow in Augusta (Ga.)

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Heavy rains earlier this week overloaded a wastewater pipe that caused nearly 50,000 gallons of sewage to back up and overflow into Oates Creek in Augusta, Georgia.

An early morning water main break left residents of eight homes in Pomona, New York without service and under orders not to drink the water once it was restored. A Rockland County official noted that breaks like this one are common as the weather becomes colder.

Construction work is scheduled to begin this week in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to install new water, sewer and drainage pipes. The $4 million project is expected to take a year to complete.

Stimulus Spotlight
Officials in Lansing, Michigan are touting a plan to improve the city’s wastewater treatment plant with an estimated price tag of $17 million. $7 million of the debt for the project would be forgiven through the economic stimulus. The work could start next spring and continue into 2012.

In Illinois, relief from sanitary sewer overflows is coming to the villages of Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale and Westmont. Workers will bore underneath downtown Clarendon Hills to install a new pipe. The cost of the project is $15 million and will be funded through the economic stimulus.

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October 13, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Water Main Break in Boston Disrupts Service, Traffic

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Six buildings in Boston were without water today and traffic on a busy street in the Roxbury neighborhood was blocked after a break in 12-inch water main break caused the formation of a large sinkhole. Among the buildings without water was a 346-unit apartment complex.

Officials in Lansing, Michigan are promoting a plan to improve the city’s wastewater treatment plant after the City Council stated their intentions to issue bonds for the work expected to cost just under $17 million.

Lafayette, Indiana has a new state-approved plan to handle combined-sewer overflows which carries and estimated cost of $179 million over the next 20 years.

A 1,600 gallon sewage spill occurred in Lula, Georgia on Monday after heavy rains which overloaded the transmission lines and the current pump capacity at the pump station.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Arkansas, $55 Million in stimulus funding will go to the Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority to establish a new water supply in the city of Marshall.

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October 12, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Millions of Gallons of Sewage Spills in Missouri

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Hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage have spilled into Missouri’s waterways in the past year, according to data from the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

An out of service piece of equipment at an Oxford, New York wastewater treatment plant won’t have an immediate impact on residents, but it may force the village to overhaul the facility which has been processing the municipality’s sewage for the last two decades.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a new $150 million project to substantially improve water quality and reduce odor impacts.

Town officials in Boonton, New Jersey shut off a valve after a water main broke beneath the Main Street Bridge, gushing out water onto state Route 287.

Stimulus Spotlight
Planning is underway in Riverton, Kansas for a water treatment plant to process water from Spring River for public consumption, but it may be a couple of years before the plant is in operation. The project will use $12.2 million in stimulus funding for the project.

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October 9, 2009

Friday’s Water News: Water Main Breaks Recurring in San Diego Neighborhood

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A water main rupture Thursday morning flooded several homes in a San Diego neighborhood, and some residents are complaining  they have seen main breaks and flooding many times in the past in this same area.

City leaders in Macon, Georgia have kicked off a project to upgrade the city’s century old sewer system.

Flooding in portions of Port Clinton, Ohio should be alleviated after the city completes a sewer upgrade next year. Areas of the city have been impassable during recent storms because the sewers cannot handle the volume of water.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power crews are scrambling to fix the latest water main break, this time a South Los Angeles failure that has left a handful of residents without running water.

Stimulus Spotlight
Republicans have urged President Obama to roll back “Buy American” provisions of in the economic stimulus package because of delays to public works projects. Critics of “Buy American” claim it has a negative impact on the water and wastewater infrastructure market.

Rockford, Illinois will receive $6.8 million from the economic stimulus to perform a major upgrade and rehabilitation of the city’s public water supply.

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October 8, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: City’s Nitrogen Levels Remain High After Upgrades

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Despite having spent $84 million to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, the city of Salisbury, Maryland, still has not dropped the amount of nitrogen discharged from the plant into the Wicomico River to levels required under the state’s permit.

Chandler, Indiana, has been approved for a $2.6 million wastewater treatment project.  The project will be funded through a $1.6 million HUD disaster relief grant and a $1 million low-interest loan from the State Revolving Fund program.

The water is back on at an elementary school in Fort Myers, Florida that left the school and neighboring homes without running water.

Stimulus Spotlight
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is using funds from the economic  stimulus to upgrade water systems at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  The project calls for the installation of an improved, larger water line from the Town of Chincoteague (Va.) to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island (Md.).

The Freeland (Penn.) Municipal Water and Sewer Authority has received a loan from the economic stimulus for more than $13 million that will fully fund upgrades to its 40-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

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October 7, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Tacoma Completes Treament Plant Expansion

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Completion of a $95 million upgrade and expansion project at Tacoma, Washington’s Central Treatment Plant brings has brought it up to standards set by the state government and will help protect water quality in Puget Sound.

A 90-square-foot section of road collapsed in Newport Beach, California this morning following a break in a water main that caused a block-long area to be covered with as much as 6 inches of water.

In New York City, a break in a 12-inch water main installed around 1870 resulted in some traffic problems in midtown this morning.

Stimulus Spotlight
House Trnasportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.) wants the state of Delaware to more quickly spend its stimulus funds dedicated for infrastructure projects.  Oberstar believes the state had not spent any of its $19.2 million in Clean Water State Revolving Fund via the economic stimulus by the end of August. The state has awarded  the Clean Water money to local governments, which had not bid any projects yet.

The state of Minnesota has announced that the town of Clear Lake is among five towns in the state that will get federal stimulus money for city water improvement projects. About $596,000 will go to the town for lift station improvements.

Rhode Island state officials has announced the awarding of $135 million in low-cost loans to 32 communities to increase drinking-water supplies or develop new pipelines and treatment facilities to reduce water pollution.

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October 6, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Orange County Turns Wastewater into Drinking Water

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In Orange County, California is taking approximately 80 million gallonsof wastewater per day and converting it into tap water. The two step process begins with microfiltration and then reverse osmosis. Small or organic compounds that make it through reverse osmosis is then further decontaminated by ultraviolet irradiation and hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Stony Ridge, Ohio is receiving $4.42 million from the USDA for a sewer construction project — with $2.47 million in grant money and $1.95 million in a low interest loan. The project has also been awarded $600,000 in a community development block grant.

A new sewer line that started operating this week in Lexington, Kentucky eventually will replace one that breaks frequently. The new line cost $13 million and was required under the city’s consent decree with the EPA.

Due to a sag in the pipe and large misalignment at a pipe joint, the public works crews in Woodland, California will be replacing a 50-foot portion of a sewer gravity main.

Stimulus Spotlight
Federal officials yesterday presented the city of Middletown, New York with a ceremonial check for $17 million to cover part of the $36.4 million cost of rebuilding its wastewater treatment plant.

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October 5, 2009

Monday’s Water News: Atlanta Water, Sewer Rates Keep Rising

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Despite already having among the nation’s highest sewer rates, Atlanta, Georgia is expected to have significant rate increases the next two years. The city is in the middle of a $4.1 billion project called Clean Water Atlanta, and because it is paying for the entire program, the city has taken on massive debt.

A sewer system lift station in Northeast San Antonio flooded Sunday after heavy rain, causing more than 100,000 gallons of raw sewage to spill in the area.

The water main breaks continue in Los Angeles as the Department of Water and Power crews scrambled to repair three broken water mains on Sunday that caused flooding in various parts of the city and cut off water supplies to hundreds of customers.

Stimulus Spotlight
A $6 million sewer project in Philadelphia funded from the economic stimulus will use a trenchless technology to rehabilitate about 10,000 feet of pipe without any digging.

Northeast Montana is receiving $40 million in federal stimulus funds for the Fort Peck/Dry Prairie Regional Water Project. Funds will be used toward laying pipe and connecting northeastern Montana communities to the supply of clean water.

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