November 17, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Water Main Break Floods Homes in Oregon Community

Posted in California, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia, Wyoming at 11:05 pm by bradhannon

A broken water main in a Roseburg, Oregon neighborhood caused flooding and damaged some area homes. The force of the water was so strong, it caused the street to bubble up and crews had to take out that section of road and make repairs. 

Two major intersections in Warner Robbins, Georgia were closed this evening as crews tried to repair a massive water main break that flooded businesses and stopped traffic throughout the afternoon.

The rash of water main breaks that have flooded streets, homes and business and snarled traffic across Los Angeles over the last few months might have been triggered by minor increases in pressure because of an unusually full reservoir and fluctuations after a trunk line ruptured.

After 10 years of work, a $10 million budget, 26 miles of meandering pipeline, and one year of construction, the 450 people living in the town of Bear River, Wyoming will have clean water coming out of their faucets by Christmas time.

Stimulus Spotlight
In record time, the California Water Resources Control Board has completed awarding its full allotment of $270.5 million in federal stimulus funds for clean water projects that protect public health and the environment, and create jobs for Californians.

Over 96 percent of stimulus funds allocated for water quality projects in Minnesota are invested in projects that have already broken ground. The rate is the best in the nation whereas the national average is 48 percent.

Sewer Rate News
Amesbury, Massachusetts
Fort Scott, Kansas
Kenner, Louisiana
Spotsylvania, Virginia

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