November 24, 2009

Tuesday’s Water News: Arkansas City Approves $18m for Sewer Projects

Posted in Arkansas, Illinois, National, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia at 4:20 pm by bradhannon

In Jacksonville, Arkansas, the city council has approved $18 million in bonding authority for a series of projects to rehabilitate its aging sewer system.

A break in a 36-inch water main in Arlington, Virginia has caused traffic delays and flooded some basements.

At a recent public meeting, the Allegheny County (Penn.) Regional Sanitary Sewer Authority estimated that it will cost “several billion” dollars to fix the region’s aging sewer systems.

Stimulus Spotlight
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the selection of $117.3 million in water and environmental project loans and grants that are being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for rural water projects.  The funding will support 31 water and wastewater projects in 17 states.

In Illinois, after months of waiting, the city of Spring Valley will receive nearly $5 million in stimulus funding for the three water and sewer projects. The funding is a no-interest loan which includes forgiveness for 25 percent of the loan. The city will have 20 years to repay the balance.

Sewer Rate News
Athens Borough, Pennsylvania
Columbus, Ohio
Lima, Ohio
Mapleton, Utah


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