December 16, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: DC Suburbs Use Technology to Monitor Aging Pipes

Posted in California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin at 5:10 pm by bradhannon

It was almost a year ago that a broken water main made national news when River Road in Bethesda, Maryland was flooded, stranding motorists. Now, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission is highlighting technology designed to detect problems in the largest water mains that should prevent another incident like the one last year.

20 senior citizens in Bellevue, Wisconsin were forced from their apartments on Sunday after a water main break soaked portions of a retirement community.

In Seaside, California, work began this week on a $7 million water main project that will replace aging pipes prone to leaks and breaks. Work on the project will continue during the next three years.

One lane of a busy road  in Colorado Springs, Colorado was closed this morning as crews tried to fix a broken 24-inch water main under the road.

Stimulus Spotlight
Cleaner water is expected for residents of the Tennessee communities of Sewanee, Cleveland, and Athens after the cities were given more than $6.6 million in stimulus money or stimulus-assisted state loans.

Thayer, Missouri has received $4.25 million in grants and loans of federal stimulus funds through the state’s Department of Natural Resources for wastewater treatment improvements.

Sewer Rate News
Amherst County, Virginia
Berkeley County, West Virginia
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pentwater Township, Michigan

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