January 5, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Frigid Weather Ruptures Water Mains in Atlanta

Posted in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania at 4:14 pm by bradhannon

Numerous water lines in Atlanta have ruptured due to the below-freezing temperatures. There were 10 breaks overnight and Tuesday morning making it difficult for repair crews to  keep up with the pace of the breaks.

Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney has announced that $300,000 in new federal funding will help jump-start the  design and construction of a water main between the towns of East Lyme and Waterford.

A water line break yesterday in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania that threatened a U.S. Postal Service building and disrupted service to 15 customers.

Stimulus Spotlight
A new water treatment plant that removes arsenic from drinking water is now operating in Tubac, Arizona. Construction of the plant was partially funded by a grant from the economic stimulus package.

Tuppers Plains, Ohio Regional Sewer District has received a grant and loan from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  to upgrade its 15 year-old sewer system. 

Sewer Rate News
Conneaut, Ohio
Goodview, Minnesota
Fenton, Michigan
Montgomery, Pennsylvania


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