January 25, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Massachusetts Cities Get $6.6M for Sewer Overflows

Posted in Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont at 6:43 pm by bengann

Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal (D) announced today the release of $6.6 million in federal stimulus money to reduce sewer overflows affecting rivers in the cities of Springfield and Chicopee.

An early-morning water main break in Walnut Creek, California caused the subsequent break of a natural gas line, prompting the evacuation of a few homes.

A water main break sent thousands of gallons of water flowing onto the street, flooding several homes and businesses in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday.

Stimulus Spotlight
Lake Hamilton, Florida has received a welcome surprise, a $190,000 grant from the economic stimulus to install new water lines. The new lines will replace older lines that break frequently.

After talking about it for 30 years, Barre, Vermont is close to replacing its century-old sewer lines. Stimulus funding would pay for 95% of the $15 million project, but the city has to come up with 2% of the road construction money, plus another million dollars to replace old sewer pipes. That’s a $1.8 million bond voters will be asked to approve on Town Meeting Day.

Sewer Rate News
Gerber, California
Sioux City, Iowa


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