February 26, 2010

Friday’s Water News: Socorro, N.M. Receives $1.28M to Expand Sewer Service

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New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman and USDA Rural Development State Director Terry Brunner presented a check for $1.28 million to the City of Socorro, New Mexico.  The funding came from the USDA Rural Development’s Community Programs to expand sewer service to 54 homes.

A water main break on Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia shut down traffic Thursday night and officials will keep the road closed through mid-day Saturday.

School was closed in Rowan County, Kentucky Tuesday due to a water main break just off Flemingsburg Road near the high school.  The break was under a gas line, which made the repair a little bit more complicated.

According to the EPA Columbia, South Carolina has leaked large amounts of sewage into local rivers. Between January 2008 and November 2009, EPA records show 257 instances of sanitary sewer overflows impacting local waterways. In the 257 events, more than 3.3 million gallons of sewage went into local waterways.

Stimulus Spotlight
Almost $600,000 in federal stimulus money has been awarded to the Austinburg, Ohio sanitary sewer project.  The Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners announced the additional funding Thursday, bringing the total award from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to $1,422,920.

A $5 million wastewater facility expansion project funded partially through federal stimulus money got under way officially Tuesday morning in Gridley, California.  The project calls for upgrading the plant to a high-rate headworks facility that will increase the plant’s capacity to 1.7 million gallons per day.  The project will also replace aging sewer lines in the city.

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February 25, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: North Carolina Town Recevies $4M for Wastewater Treatment

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More than $4 million has been awarded to the town of Beulaville, North Carolina from the USDA for improvements to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. USDA is giving the town of approximately 2,000 residents a $2.295 million grant and a $2.3 million loan. The interest rate for the loan is 3.25-percent and must be paid back over the next 40 years.

Ground was broken today in Oxnard, California on a construction project that is expected to give the city one of the most advanced wastewater treatment plants in the state. The project which is expected to cost $60 million will be partially funded by a $20 million grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior and $15 million from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announced the city posted its best sewage-spill figures of the decade in 2009. The city reported 38 spills last year, down from 365 in 2000 and 62 in 2008.

Stimulus Spotlight
Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill, who chairs the Massachusetts Water Pollution Abatement Trust, has announced that the Trust has successfully committed and certified its $185 million allotment of federal stimulus funding to 115 local drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

While Kentucky has already obligated its $73 million share of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for water and sewer projects, there is still money available.

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February 24, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: North Carolina Water Main Break Washes Out Road

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A waterline break in Kannapolis, North Carolina has washed out the westbound lanes of state Highway 3 and has caused a road closure which is expected to cause major traffic issues for the remainder of the week.  

Several hundred students were dismissed from the middle school in Stanton, Delaware this morning after a water main break left the school without water service.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has levied a $15,150 fine against the city of Coos Bay for an incident last June when the city’s wastewater plant in Empire discharged water with too many suspended solids and too little oxygen.

Stimulus Spotlight
Virginia Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner announced that Wythe County has received more than $4.4 million in grants and $7.4 million in loans from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for improvements to water treatment systems.

$18.7 million from the economic stimulus will help three Mid-Missouri towns with improvements to their water systems.

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February 23, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Kentucky City Gets $1.3M for Water Treatment Plant

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Kentucky congressman Ben Chandler presented the city of Harrodsburg, with a $1.3 million appropriation for improvements to a wastewater treatment plant.  The improvements will benefit about 3,000 customers and will keep the facility in compliance with state regulations.

In Salt Lake City, a water main break made a mess of roads near the Capitol and damaged some homes Tuesday morning.

A water main break in Rowan County, Kentucky has forced a shutdown of the school system.  Maysville Community and Technical College also canceled classes because of the problem.

An estimated 7,500 gallons of sewage spilled this morning into the Santa Margarita River from the USMC base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

Stimulus Spotlight
In California, the Santa Clara Valley Water District will vote on a plan today to build a new $52 million recycled water facility at a water pollution control plant in San Jose.  Financing for the project includes $11 million from the city of San Jose, $3 million from the state and$8.25 million from the economic stimulus funds.

Federal stimulus funds and a partnership between sewer districts are making possible a total rehabilitation of the Slater, South Carolina sewer system built in 1928. The $2.2 million in stimulus money will construct new lines and allow Slater’s Sanitary Sewer District to take ownership of the system once it is constructed.

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February 22, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Aqua Pennsylvania to Spend $250M in Infrastructure Improvements

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Aqua Pennsylvania has announced it has nearly $32 million worth of capital improvements in store for Chester County, including the replacement of aging water mains and two major distribution systems. The amount is part of the $250 million that the water utility is expected to spend statewide this year to maintain and improve its water infrastructure.

In South Carolina, the North Charleston wastewater treatment plant has experienced a sewage spill with more than 5,000 gallons untreated wastewater being released into the Ashley River after a sewer line broke.

Residents in Honolulu were asked to conserve water after a 16-inch main break. The main was installed in 1964 and supplies much of the water to the North Shore area.

Stimulus Spotlight
Ridgefield and Brookfield are among the Connecticut communities that have begun local drinking-water projects in time to meet a deadline for using federal economic-stimulus money.

Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill, who chairs the state’s Water Pollution Abatement Trust, has announced that the Trust has successfully committed and certified its $185 million allotment of federal stimulus funding to 115 local drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects. 
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February 19, 2010

Thursday and Friday’s Water News: California Sinkhole Caused by Leaky Water Pipe

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A sinkhole the size of a car caused by a leaky water pipe created some big problems in Palm Desert, California. The leak came from one of the underground pipes that carries irrigation water to the College of the Desert. The road has been closed while repairs are made.

Officials in Jeffersonville, Indiana on Thursday discussed $87 million in projects aimed at controlling combined sewer overflows. The projects are the result of legal negotiations between the city and the EPA, which has fined the city for violating the Clean Water Act in relation to the overflow problems.

A water main break Thursday morning in Cincinnati sent water high into the sky. The break caused city officials to close the road in the area while the problem was fixed.

Stimulus Spotlight
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson traveled to Columbus, Ohio on Thursday to recognize the Buckeye State for having the most “clean-water infrastructure” projects funded by federal stimulus money of any state in the nation. Ohio received $220.6 million in stimulus money for sewers and other water-pollution control projects — the fifth most of any state. But Ohio had by far the largest number of projects, with 274 in 187 communities.

The village of Marissa, Illinois has been awarded nearly $2.2 million in federal stimulus money for water system improvements.

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February 17, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Economic Stimulus Legislation Reaches One-Year Anniversary

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In case you missed it the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), or as it is better known the economic stimulus, was passed exactly one year ago today. As of January 29, 84.6 percent of ARRA Clean Water State Revolving Funds were under contract while 82.2 percent of ARRA Drinking Water State Revolving Funds were under contract. However of the $6 billion in ARRA funding for the two SRF programs less than 13 percent of the funds have been spent.

Electrical service was restored today to about 150 Department of Water and Power customers left without power in Los Angeles when a water main broke and flooded an underground electrical vault, but 10 customers had no water service.

In Evansville, Indiana, a new water tower near the University of Southern Indiana campus is under construction, and is expected to end decades of water pressure issues during water main breaks on the city’s west side.

Stimulus Spotlight
On the one year anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, in today’s New York Times, economic columnist David Leonhardt argues that the U.S. economy would be even worse off the economic stimulus was not passed one year ago. According to the Congressional Budget Office about $200 billion of the $787 billion stimulus was spent in 2009.

The Immokalee Water & Sewer District in Florida has been awarded a $3.156 million grant and a $4.9 million loan in Recovery Act funds to improve and expand the wastewater treatment plant and collection system.

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February 16, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: NYT Op-Ed Makes Case for Infrastructure Investment

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Today in The New York Times columnist Bob Herbert addresses the need for greater federal investment in water infrastructure. Below is the most relevant part of the column where Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell talks about the problems with the state’s water infrastructure.

As he recalled, the city had a long cold snap with about a month and a half of below-freezing temperatures. Then, abruptly, the mercury rose into the 60s, he said, “and 58 of our water mains broke, causing all sorts of havoc.”

The pipes were old. Some were ancient. “My water people told me that some had been laid in the 19th century,” said Mr. Rendell, “and they were laid shallow, without much protection. So with any radical changes in temperature, they were susceptible to breaking. We had a real emergency on our hands.”

In North Dakota, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa has received a $1 million grant to complete funding for a $3.3 million water tower project.  The Bureau of Reclamation is contributing $1.3 million and the Indian Health Service $1 million to the project.

The City of Arlington, Texas announced on Sunday that a sanitary sewer overflow had occurred due to “the volume of snow melt.” The overflow dumped into Lake Arlington, a source of drinking water for the City of Arlington.

Stimulus Spotlight
Officials gathered on Monday in Fresno, Ohio for the groundbreaking on construction of a new wastewater treatment plant. The project is expected to cost $3.4 million and will be funded in part by a $2.14 million loan from the economic stimulus, which does not need to be repaid because it is a principal forgiveness loan.

A $1.2-million project is now under way in Kirbyville, Missouri where approximately 40 commercial and residential structures in the village will be hooked to a centralized sewer system by July.  The project is being funded by stimulus funds and Taney County’s half-cent sewer sales tax.

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February 15, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Ambulance Falls into Sinkhole from Water Main Break

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An ambulance in Indianapolis dropped nose first into a sinkhole this morning caused by a water main break. The street was covered in about two feet of water and the ambulance had to be towed from the sinkhole.

Officials in Wilmington, Delaware urged thousands of city water customers to boil their water Saturday because of possible water-quality problems created by a water main break.

A mile-long sewer line in Taylors, South Carolina that was installed along State Route 290 15 years ago could be replaced and upgraded this year as the area anticipates future growth and development on the corridor, which lies on the outskirts of its fire and sewer district.

Stimulus Spotlight
Austin, Texas this week will begin a $31.8 million stimulus-funded treatment plant project that will create 150 jobs, increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

The town of Louisville, New York will receive $6.79 million, or 65 percent of the project cost, in stimulus funds for a new water project.

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February 12, 2010

Friday’s Water News: Snow Leads to Wastewater Spill in North Carolina

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The City of Lexington, North Carolina reported 187,500 gallons of untreated wastewater spilled on Monday.  The spill happened after a sewer line was crushed under the combined weight of soil and snow.

An estimated 100,000 gallons of sewage entered an intersection in Palos Verdes Estates, California shut down access to Lunada Bay on Monday.

Officials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado say a subdivision’s water is safe to drink and that repairs have been completed after a major break in a water line Monday evening.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has awarded the Black Eagle Water and Sewer District $225,000 in economic stimulus funding to replace water mains, valves and hydrants in areas with a history of water main breaks.

Several Central Ohio projects are among the beneficiaries of the latest round of stimulus funding for water-quality improvement projects.

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