March 2, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Massive Water Main Break in Florida Causes Sinkhole, Shuts Down Road

Posted in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee at 3:10 pm by bradhannon

A water main break in Hialeah, Florida caused some major issues for drivers and residents after a 40 year-old, 54-inch water main burst and drenched a neighborhood. The deluge of water caused a sinkhole to form in the road and a huge geyser of water to shoot into the air.

Newtown, Connecticut’s wastewater treatment plant has garnered praise from federal officials as one of six in New England improving water quality with outstanding operations, maintenance and training.

The county of Dobson, Tennessee will  move forward with two new water and sewer projects, one of which will help a local company retain jobs.  The Surry County Board of Commissioners approved a $142,300 extension to the a water line and a $374,942 sfor a ewer project at a middle school.

Stimulus Spotlight
A water main replacement project to stop 500,000-plus gallons of city-owned water from leaking into the ground on a daily basis got under way on Monday in Troy, Montana.  The city received about $1.77 million in stimulus funding and appropriations for the second phase of the massive project to replace its water distribution system. 

In Norwich, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell announced that federally funded upgrades to public drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in Plainfield, Putnam and Norwich are all on schedule.  Gov. Rell said Plainfield, Putnam and Norwich will get a share of the $17.5 million in stimulus funds being applied to a total of 12 cities and towns.

Sewer Rate News
Chillicothe, Ohio
Colchester, Connecticut
Williamston, South Carolina
Montgomery County, Maryland


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