March 10, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Research Looks to Robots to Fix Aging Water Pipes

Posted in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, National, New Jersey, Tennessee, Washington at 4:43 pm by bradhannon

A new research initiative is working on building robots that can access and repair aging water pipes from the inside.  An engineering team at the University of California, Irvine are building a robot that can travel along water pipes and repair them from the inside. If this project is successful a commercialized robotic system could give the U.S. a lead in the growing world market for water infrastructure technology.

A follow-up to a story a few weeks back, Indianapolis has signed a memorandum of understanding which would transfer control of the city’s water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy Group for $1.9 billion.

More than $155 million in state and federal dollars are to be spent on water quality projects in Iowa.  Officials with the state’s Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Finance Authority said Wednesday that the money will go to sewage system upgrades and improved drinking water treatment.

A water main break in Eaton, Indiana prompted water service to be shut off to local homes and businesses Tuesday morning and caused an elementary school to send its students home soon after they arrived.

Stimulus Spotlight
Thanks to $7.5 million in economic stimulus funding, the city of Bremerton, Washington is installing sewers in its unincorporated neighbor, Gorst, that sits in the city’s urban-growth area. The sewer system will solve pollution problems, where 14 percent of the aging septic systems were found to be failing.

Because of $6.5 million in economic stimulus funds, Knoxville, Tennessee will be able to upgrade its sewer system more quickly, significantly reducing infiltration into its existing system.

Sewer Rate News
Dunsmuir, California
Elburn, Illinois
Sea Bright, New Jersey
Southington, Connecticut


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