March 15, 2010

Monday’s Water News: NYT Focuses on Nation’s Failing Water and Sewer Systems

Posted in Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, National, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee at 6:49 pm by bengann

On Sunday, The New York Times detailed just how costly it will be to repair America’s water and wastewater systems. While the story focuses largely on the challenges facing Washington, D.C., the story does point out that water and sewer mains are failing across the country.

Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works is warning residents to avoid contact with the Patapsco River after 30 million gallons of diluted sewage overflowed into the waterway during the weekend.

Residents of Pleasantville, Iowa are temporarily without drinking water due to a valve break at the city’s water supply plant. Once the break is repaired and water service restored, plant officials recommend residents boil water for consumption until further notice.

The small city of Buffalo, Missouri has earned the Missouri Rural Water Association’s Wastewater Treatment Center of the Year award.

Stimulus Spotlight
The state of Iowa has allocated more than $155 million to 79 water quality improvement projects. The allocation includes $77 million in federal stimulus funding — $53 million for sewage system upgrades and $24 million for drinking water improvement projects.

Thanks to the economic stimulus, the USDA thinks it can help fund part of the Shamokin-Coal Township (Penn.) Joint Sewer Authority’s multi-million dollar plant project.

Sewer Rate News
Ashland, Oregon
Spring Hill, Tennessee


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