March 16, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Gloucester (Mass.) Struggles with Sewer Overflow Caused by Nor’easter

Posted in Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington at 3:20 pm by bengann

Struggling with heavy rains, the sewer system in Gloucester, Massachusetts has been releasing untreated wastewater into the city’s harbor. The city’s wastewater treatment plant can process 3.3 million gallons of wastewater a day, but since Sunday it has been dealing with close to 15 million gallons per day.

Lansing, Michigan’s first combined sewer overflow project of the new season got underway yesterday as the city looks to upgrade its sewer system.

A water main break in Fort Wayne, Indiana sent water gushing onto the street Tuesday morning, causing part of the road to cave-in and causing damage to an old 72-inch sewer main. The failed 6″ water main was over 100 years old.

Stimulus Spotlight
With a grant from the federal stimulus package the Gordon Sanitary District in Minnesota is conducting a feasibility study to connect 55 buildings to its sewer system.

Bates Township, Michigan is  considering its first major water project in over 15 years, replacing and upgrading the oldest lines in its system, and hopes to finance most of it with a $900,000 grant from the economic stimulus.

Sewer Rate News
Bellingham, Washington
Norwalk, Connecticut
Owosso, Michigan


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