April 8, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Port Huron (Mich.) Continues Work on Sewer Separation

Posted in California, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin at 5:36 pm by bengann

Worked started this week on one of the final phases of Port Huron, Michigan’s $186 million sewer separation effort. Four areas in the city have not yet had their sewer separated.   This monumental task which began in 1988, so far has cost $158 million and reduced storm water and sewage overflow rates by 93 percent.

Lake Oswego, Oregon is planning to double the amount of drinking water treated at one of its treatment plants expanding its capacity from 16 million gallons a day to 32 million gallons, with potential to grow even more in the future..

The city of Concord, New Hampshire is replacing filters at a wastewater treatment plant biotower along with the sprinkler system that sends wastewater through the tower to be filtered.

Stimulus Spotlight
Wayne County, Ohio anticipates it will receive $365,000 in stimulus money and a $1.5 million loan for a recently following the recent construction of a new wastewater treatment plant.

A water recycling project in Antioch, California funded by economic stimulus, in addition to zero percent interest loans and state grant funds, is installing a 30,000 foot pipeline to provide recycled water to four city parks, street medians and a golf course.

Sewer Rate News
Houston, Texas
Mauston, Wisconsin
Olive Branch, Mississippi
Pleasanton, California


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