April 12, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Milwaukee Proposes Over $13M for Sewer Upgrades

Posted in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, National, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin at 5:50 pm by bengann

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s deep tunnels would be drained more quickly after a rain storm, providing more wastewater storage space for the next downpour, under a proposed $13.67 million upgrade of three aging pumps.

In an opinion piece on the New York Times website yesterday asked several experts how the nation can begin to address the prevalent risks of chemicals in drinking water given the overwhelming financial costs?

Technicians in Englewood, Colorado are testing an ultraviolet light system as part of a pilot program to upgrade and improve the disinfecting process at the its wastewater treatment plant.

Stimulus Spotlight
Fort Smith, Arkansas is receiving $4.38 million in economic stimulus funds to repair its 50 year-old water and sewer systems. Almost no aspect of the systems meets current codes. 

Nearly $4.8 million in federal stimulus and state no-interest loan funds for drinking water and wastewater projects has been provided to Meigs County by the Ohio EPA.

Sewer Rate News
Kingston, Massachusetts
Lockport, Illinois
Riverbank, California
Spring Hill, Tennessee


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