April 14, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Rationed Lawn Watering Blamed for L.A. Water Main Breaks in 2009

Posted in Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New York at 10:18 am by bradhannon

A Los Angeles law that rationed lawn watering for conservation is to blame for the water main breaks that inundated homes and businesses last summer, according to a 167-page independent report.  With residents restricted to watering only two days a week, pressure fluctuated in the city’s 7,200-mile water system, straining aging and corroded cast iron pipes until they burst.

A water main break caused problems for residents in Queens, New York today.  A 12-inch main ruptured behind a home, flooding several backyards and at least two basements.  Overall about 20 homes were affected by the break and as many as 11 people were evacuated.

Baltimore, Maryland Public Works crews have fixed a 20-inch water main break that flooded roads Tuesday night.  Crews shut off water valves and worked overnight to repair the break.

Work is set to begin in Belvidere, Illinois on a sanitary sewer reconstruction project.  The $850,000 project will reconstruct 2,492 feet of sanitary sewer and start next week.

Stimulus Spotlight
The federal government will provide $20.7 million to complete a project that will link state and federal canals in the San Joaquin Valley, California.  $20 million in funding will come from the federal stimulus package. The $34 million Intertie Project will connect the Delta Mendota Canal and the California Aqueduct using a 500-foot underground pipe and pumps.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has presented a check for $7.5 million in economic stimulus funds to the Franklin-Sebastian Public Water Authority to help fund improvements for Charleston, Lavaca and other communities east of Fort Smith.

Sewer Rate News
Adams, New York
Evanston, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
Tampa, Florida


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