April 16, 2010

Friday’s Water News: Kansas City Agrees to $2.5B, 25-Year Plan on Sewers

Posted in California, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia at 10:13 am by bradhannon

The City Council in Kansas City voted unanimously yesterday on a proposal to authorize a consent decree with the federal government for a massive, $2.5 billion overhaul of the city’s aging sewer system.  The settlement allows a 25-year implementation schedule for the city’s sewer overflow control plan.

A road in Cincinnati, Ohio had to be shut down early Friday morning because of a water main break.  Reports from the scene indicate the road buckled and water gushed onto the street.

Police in Rensselaer, New York say water service has returned to most of the city, after a water main break Thursday afternoon.  A boil water order has also been issued for city residents and a tanker of safe drinking water has been made available for city residents.

Stimulus Spotlight
Delaware Senators Tom Carper and Ted Kaufman have announced the funding of local projects designed to  modernizing water quality and public sanitation services in Sussex County.  The funding, which comes through ARRA, is expected to provide construction jobs and create infrastructure needed to support community growth. The funding includes a $5,582,000 loan and a $2,999,847 grant. 

In West Virginia, Wayne County has requested an additional $2 million bond allocation to help finance water and wastewater upgrades that will provide service to Tri-State Airport. The county will add this to its prior allocation of $3.5 million for the projects.

Sewer Rate News
Greenfield, California
Homer Glen, Illinois
Imperial, Nebraska
King County, Washington


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