April 19, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Bay County, Mich. Launches $30M Sewer Improvement Project

Posted in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania at 5:12 pm by bengann

The Bay County, Michigan wastewater treatment plant has launched a $30 million improvement project that will eliminate sewage overflows to the Saginaw River. The work includes construction of a 53 million-gallon retention basin to hold combined sewage and stormwater during heavy rain and snowmelt events.

A $1.1 million shortfall in the Cocoa, Florida’s water department budget has prompted a review by the city manager’s office. Most of the cost overruns were due to a high number of water main breaks and an aggressive program to change out meters.

A break in a 12-inch main in Holyoke, Massachusetts on Saturday caused a torrent of muddy water to be released on a road causing the street to crack wide open.

Stimulus Spotlight
Minersville, Pennsylvania received a $2.3 million grant in federal stimulus money to upgrade its 35-year-old sewer treatment facility. The project, is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and  includes replacing 1,500 feet of the 18-inch main pipe coming into the plant with 24-inch pipe to provide extra capacity in times of high flow.

Haldeon, New Jersey could receive up to $1.7 million in economic stimulus funding to replace sewer lines that are more than a century old and have storm water backups during heavy rains.

Sewer Rate News
Anthem, Arizona
Hannibal, New Jersey
Ocean City, Maryland
Woodstock, Georgia


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