April 21, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Wichita Falls Works on Drainage Following Wet Weather Events

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Wichita Falls, Texas has two projects underway to help with the drainage of stormwater during periods of heavy rain. In the past, heavy rains have created flooding problems and hazardous conditions for motorists. Despite these two projects the city has a lot of work left to do as it has identified about 60 other problem spots that need drainage help. 

Some Los Angeles residents are complaining that the city is dragging its feet in paying them for damages suffered last fall when a 62-inch water pipe burst and sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of water pouring into homes.

A clogged sewer line in Kansas City has led to thousands of gallons of untreated wastewater spilling into the Blue River.

Tight budgets and falling revenues are prompting municipalities across the country to consider selling their water and sewer systems to private companies, according to USA Today.

Stimulus Spotlight
With work well underway on this year’s series of water and sewer main upgrades in Harbor Springs, Michigan, the city council has agreed to sell $1.755 million in “Build America Bonds” provided under the  economic stimulus to finance the projects.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has targeted $3.7 million for the city of West Monroe’s Sparta Reuse project in a supplemental appropriations request. The project will cost more than $10 million and is being partially funded with $4.75 million from the economic stimulus.

Sewer Rate News
Bakersfield, California
Laguna Beach, California
Lockport, Illinois
Mount Vernon, Ohio


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