April 22, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Lincoln, Nebraska Estimates $133M Needed for Water System

Posted in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin at 1:50 pm by bengann

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska estimates it may need as much as $133 million in improvements over the next 25 years to improve its water distribution system. The city has 45 miles of pipe that is more than 100 years old and 115 miles have been around for 80 to 100 years.

In Pennsylvania, the York City Council has voted unanimously to allow its sewer authority to borrow $23 million to complete federally mandated improvements at its wastewater treatment plant. The upgrades are part of a multi-state effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

To celebrate Earth Day, the USDA had a ground breaking event today for the rehabilitation and construction of a water and sewer system in Stetsonville, Wisconsin. The projects include construction of a full water system and partial replacement of sanitary sewer mains. 

Stimulus Spotlight
Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell was in the town of Ridgefield yesterday to tout the $1.4 million in economic stimulus funding that will extend a water line more than 8,000 feet providing potable water to two elementary schools.

Despite some initial confusion, Haldeon, New Jersey is set to begin a $1.9 million sewer line project. For the past 30 years, storm water backups involving deteriorated sewer lines have caused raw sewage to back flush into some homes during heavy rains. Most of the funding for the project will come from a no-interest loan provided by the economic stimulus.

Sewer Rate News
Canton Township, Michigan
Johnston, Iowa
Pilot Rock, Oregon
West Boylston, Massachusetts

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