April 27, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Topeka Water Main Break Causes Headaches for Motorists

Posted in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia at 6:30 pm by bengann

A major water main break over the weekend in Topeka, Kansas has narrowed a portion of a street to two lanes of traffic, and city officials say it may take at least two weeks before the roadway is back to normal. Though the 12-inch water main has been repaired, it will take about two weeks before pavement can be placed over it.

A grant and loan from the USDA will allow Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, Connecticut to connect to the town’s sewer line. The school is currently using a septic system. 

A follow-up to a story from yesterday, the Jefferson County Commission has agreed to file a lawsuit against an engineering firm over its design of a 60 million gallon wastewater treatment plant which can only treat about half of that amount.

Residents in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania may be stuck paying $16 million to separate its stormwater and sanitary sewers after failing to secure of federal grant to help fund the project.

Stimulus Spotlight
Plymouth, California has received a $2.8 million grant from the economic stimulus for a series of wastewater infrastructure projects. The projects include sewer main replacement, lining and repairs to the existing sewer system and storm drainage improvements.

In South Dakota, two Brookings-area communities will be included for water-project funding under the economic stimulus program. Kingbrook Rural Water System will receive a total of $7.89 million and the City of Estelline will receive a $1.9 million.

Sewer Rate News
Fairfax County, Virginia
Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania
Marion, Ohio
New Albany, Indiana


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