May 3, 2010

Monday’s Water News: 2 Million Massachusetts Residents Without Water After Main Rupture

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2 million residents of Boston and 29 of its most populous suburbs, whose clean-water supply was cut off by a catastrophic rupture of a water main break on Saturday, remained without clean tap water for a second day yesterday. The break was so bad that Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency.

State officials have urged residents to take seriously an order to boil all water used for drinking and cooking. The leak was reported Saturday morning in the town of Weston, 10 miles west of Boston. At the height of the breach, the pipe was leaking water into the nearby Charles River at a rate of 8 million gallons per hour.

A bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would remove state volume caps on  private activity bonds for water and wastewater infrastructure projects. The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Act (S. 3262) is the companion bill to H.R. 537 which was passed in the House in March as part of the Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act (H.R. 4849).

Construction is expected to begin soon on a  wastewater treatment plant in Glennwood Springs, Colorado with the completion date expected for the spring of 2012.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Ogdensburg, New York has started the $1.17 million overhaul of a wastewater plant that when completed will save 40 percent of annual energy costs. The project is being funded in part by $1 million in economic stimulus money administered through the state’s Green Innovation program.

Thanks to the economic stimulus, construction of the first phase of a Roseau, Minnesota, flood control diversion channel will begin this year after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract for the work.

Sewer Rate News
Chesterton, Indiana
Forrest, Illinois
Grand Ledge, Michigan
North Muskegon, Michigan


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