May 5, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Rash of Water Main Breaks Has L.A. Rethinking its Conservation Policy

Posted in California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Virginia, Wisconsin at 4:44 pm by bengann

Officials in Los Angeles have agreed to consider changes in the city’s water conservation program after experts said it was responsible for 101 water main breaks last summer and fall. According to the report, on days when watering was allowed, water pressure in the pipes dropped. On days when watering wasn’t allowed, pressure increased accelerating the deterioration of old pipes.

Some of the 200 residents in Waldo, Wisconsin are upset that required changes to the village’s water treatment facility is going to cost $3.2 million and they’re blaming the Village Board. 

Puerto Rico’s water utility must upgrade more than 100 drinking water treatment plants, including some that currently discharge untreated sludge into local waterways, according to a settlement reached with EPA. The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority must also pay a $1 million civil penalty under the consent decree.

Stimulus Spotlight
Work on the final phase of the wastewater facility rehabilitation project in Eagle Nest, Colorado is set to begin early May, with completion of the job expected before September. About $666,000 for the project is coming from the economic stimulus; $200,000 of that money is a 20-year loan.

Henderson, Nebraska will use $600,000 in bonding authority it received from the economic stimulus to complete a large sewer project for its industrial park. The cost of the lift station alone prohibited the city from moving forward on the project before the economic stimulus funding was awarded.

Sewer Rate News
Baltimore, Maryland
Coos Bay, Oregon
Orange, Virginia
Viroqua, Wisconsin


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