May 7, 2010

Friday’s Water News: D.C. Planning Massive Tunnels to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

Posted in Arizona, California, DC, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon at 11:15 am by bengann

The District of Columbia is planning to build the first of three massive underground tunnels in 2011 to reduce combined sewer overflows during wet weather events. The first tunnel will run along the Anacostia River, which suffers the greatest amount of overflows. Each of the tunnels will be approximately 24 feet in diameter, but the Anacostia tunnel-at 13 miles in length-will be the longest.

Officials in Bossier Parish, Louisiana plan to spend about $50 million over the next few years building the its first sewer plant. Most of Bossier Parish, like other parishes in northwest Louisiana, has no public sewer system.

Despite $160 million in economic stimulus funding for state water projects, some in California have criticized the program for not doing enough to help communities with the most contaminated drinking water because their projects were not shovel-ready.

Stimulus Spotlight
In New York, a $10.35 million project to bring municipal water to about 600 properties in the towns of Louisville and Norfolk could break ground this summer. Funding for the project will include a $6.79 million grant from the economic stimulus and a $3.5 million loan from USDA.

A $550,000 grant from the economic stimulus has helped connect a mobile home community in Mecca, California to the Coachella Valley Water District’s Water system.

Sewer Rate News
Carson City, Nevada
Durham, North Carolina
Peoria, Arizona
Portland, Oregon

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