May 19, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Pennsylvania Communities Seek $6M for Sewer Line Extension

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Five communities in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania are seeking $6 million in state and federal grants for a sewer line extension project along State Route 366.

The small city of Astoria, Oregon is looking to its state’s Department of Environmental Quality to help in paying for federally mandated work to separate its sanitary and stormwater sewers. It is estimated that $50 million to complete the combined sewer overflow projects.

It had already been reported but it is now official: Kansas City has signed an agreement with the EPA  to upgrade its sewer systems at an estimated $2.5 billion over 25 years. Kansas City will also pay a $600,000 civil penalty for Clean Water Act violations.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Illinois, Kane County has received about $17 million in economic stimulus money that officials have decided to earmark for water-related projects. The money is in the form of Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds.

Plans for an expansion of Novato Sanitary District (Calif.) water recycling facilities got a boost with the arrival of $1.5 million in federal stimulus money. Novato will use the money to fund a project with the North Marin Water District to help bring the water to Valley Memorial Park Cemetery. The expanded system will have to be finished by August 2011.

Thanks to the Buy America Bond provision in the economic stimulus, the city of Florence, South Carolina has issued $99 million of refunding and new-money revenue bonds for its water and sewer system, saving the city’s utility system more than $5.5 million by refinancing bonds originally issued in 1993 and 2000.  The bonds included $31 million of refunding bonds and $68 million of new-money bonds.

Sewer Rate News
China Grove, North Carolina
Harbor Springs, Michigan
St. Albans, West Virginia

Terre Haute, Indiana

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