June 10, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Wastewater Spills in Jefferson City

Posted in California, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington at 1:26 pm by joepaul1

A valve failure in Jefferson City, Missouri caused an unknown amount of sewage to spill into nearby Grays Creek. While investigating, officials discovered another spill flowing into a nearby tributary to Wears Creek. It is unknown how much wastewater leaked out as investigations are still ongoing.

Rainwater has caused an overflow of sewage in Richmond, Virginia. The wastewater spilled out of a treatment facility into Whitewater River and flowed through Whitewater Gorge. Residents are advised to avoid contact with the water for at least 72 hours.

Raw sewage gushed from a manhole in Renton, Washington. The wastewater burst out at a point where a twenty inch pipe narrowed down to 14 inches. The section of the road has been closed until further notice.

Stimulus Spotlight
More than $5 million in economic stimulus funding went to the wastewater plant in Struthers, Ohio. These funds are going to be used to make the plant more green. With this money, officials say that the plant will be able to catch more of the methane gas released as a pollutant, and turn it into energy for the facility.

In Georgia, Floyd County Commissioners have signed off on a $5 million issue of water bonds. The county opted to issue taxable Recovery Zone Bonds through the economic stimulus package instead of traditional tax-exempt bonds.

Sewer Rate News
Baltimore, Maryland
Port Allen, California
South Abington, Pennsylvania
Tuckerton,New Jersey


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