June 14, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Louisville Deals With Mounting Sewer Debt

Posted in Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, Virginia at 4:57 pm by egold24

As the Metropolitan Sewer District debt in Louisville, Kentucky builds, residents are beginning to feel the pinch. The Metropolitan Sewer District maintains the highest level of debt it has ever sustained. There appears to be more trouble on the horizon due to a court-imposed rehabilitation program with an $850 million price tag.

Nearly all of the Eastwood community in Syracuse, New York has been restored with adequate water pressure. An official claimed workers were able to restore the neighborhood with decent water pressure after they freed a valve that failed to respond correctly to a broken water main.

Mandated upgrades of wastewater treatment plants are affecting Portsmouth, Maine. These upgrades are designed to reduce the amount of nitrogen in the water and concomitantly the amount of nitrogen in the Great Bay Estuary into which the water flows.

A water main break early this morning in Alexandria, Virginia caused a sinkhole to form near a busy intersection this morning.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Arkansas, construction is set to begin in November on a project 60 years in the making. U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln announced that $37 million in federal funds are available for two high-volume pump stations at the heart of the Bayou Meto Water Management Project. These funds, derived from the American Recovery and Restoration Act, are essential to beginning the project, but more funds will be needed to see it through.

Sewer Rate News
Boston, Massachusetts
Las Gallinas, California
Montpelier, Vermont
Morganton, North Carolina


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