June 15, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: $2.5 Billion Sewage Problem in Kansas City

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The outdated wastewater system in Kansas City, Missouri cannot handle much more pressure. After heavy rains Monday, sewage overwhelmed pump stations and flowed directly into local waterways. City officials have been putting off dealing with the issue directly until recently, when federal penalties forced them to agree to a $2.5 billion investment in wastewater infrastructure.

Reports of chronic sewage overflows in Greenbackville, Virginia has led state officials to investigate the matter. A local resident has complained that wastewater overflows have been consistently happening on several roads throughout the county and were being exacerbated by recent storms.

Many residents in a suburban Cincinnati community are still dealing with sewage backing up into their homes after heavy rains. The Metropolitan Sewer District is slow to help the citizens with the clean-up, as they are underfunded and overworked.

Heavy rains in North Platte, Nebraska have overwhelmed its sewer system. Citizens have been advised to limit their water usage to ease the wastewater pressure. City officials claim that the water is not contaminated.

Stimulus Spotlight

Almost $7 million in state and federal money is going to help the residents of Superior, Wisconsin build new sewage and stormwater systems in their town. Half of that money was provided by the stimulus package, the other half by the state.

More than $2 million dollars in stimulus funds has been granted to Minneapolis, Minnesota to help build a smart grid water usage system. The grid is expected to save the city $1.7 million a year.

There is a new sewage treatment plant being built in Snow Hill, North Carolina. The stimulus package is funding $3.7 million in grants toward the facility.

Sewer Rate News
Tucson, Arizona
Seattle, Washington
Vermilion, Pennsylvania
Williamsport, Maryland


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