June 18, 2010

Friday’s Water News: 162,000 Gallons of Sewage Spills in Missouri

Posted in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington at 9:44 am by joepaul1

After a power outage, the wastewater plant near Ozark, Missouri spilled 162,000 gallons of sewage into nearby Finley River. State officials have ordered the river water to be tested for contamination.

Residents are advised to boil their water for a minute before drinking it in Bellingham, Washington after a recent sewage spill. An estimated 60,000 to 160,000 gallons of sewage poured into local Lake Whatcom after a blockage between pipes caused them to burst.

Two sewers in Durham, North Carolina spilled wastewater after a blockage. The first spilled 4,300 gallons into nearby Ellerbe Creek and the second spilled 2,500 gallons into nearby Little Lick Creek. City officials are still investigating the incident.

Stimulus Spotlight
Thanks to the stimulus package, a 133,000 dollar federal grant is available for building a new pump out station for sewage expulsion in Danbury, Connecticut.

Sewer Rate News
Santa Barbara, California
Seattle, Washington
Issaquah, Washington
Plymouth, Indiana

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