June 23, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Storms Lead to Water Main Breaks, Flooding on Indian Reservation

Posted in Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia at 8:35 pm by egold24

After nearly five inches of rainfall in the past few days, an Indian reservation in Great Falls, Montana is faced with severe flooding. Ten different water mains ruptured and broke from the massive quantity of rainwater, leaving widespread flooding and water damage and no drinking water for the tribe’s natives.

Kentucky state Rep. Larry Clark is among a bipartisan group of state lawmakers pushing for a Louisville-area pilot program on regionalization of wastewater treatment

Officials in Carroll County, Maryland are asking citizens to watch what they flush after an accumulation of plastics, towels, rubber gloves, and grease backed up sewer lines and resulted in 70,000 gallons of spilled raw sewage. The sewage managed to flow into two separate streams during the overflow.

In central Pennsylvania, the Williamsport Sewer Authority has agreed to make improvements that will reduce overflows into the Susquehanna River as part of a settlement agreement filed in federal court.
Stimulus Spotlight
Nearly $1 million of federal stimulus money has been granted to Bloomington, Iowa for construction projects on streets and sewer lines. About $298,000 will be committed to projects pertaining to sewer lines and storm sewer drains.

Sewer Rate News
Astoria, Oregon
Charleston, West Virginia
Fernley, Nevada
Issaquah, Washington


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