July 1, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Missouri Sewer Overflow Woes Continue

Posted in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia at 3:44 pm by egold24

It has been a messy week for Missouri’s waters with more than 25 million gallons of raw sewage reported spilled in Kansas City and St. Louis alone. Five of the six incidents have occurred in Kansas City, but the worst incident occurred in St. Louis when two pumps failed and allowed 4.6 million gallons of sewage to leak into the Mississippi River daily for the past week.

A water main break closes streets in Boston, Massachusetts. Crews were working to fix the broken 12 inch pipe. The street was cleared of all traffic while clean-up took place.

In Baytown, Texas, the city council sprang to immediate action on Wednesday after a water line collapse. For now, a temporary bypass has been set up but a replacement line will be installed farther from the creek but within the same right of way. The damaged segment will be abandoned.

A broken water main sent water gushing down a hill and flooded homes in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania. Clean up crews do not have an estimate as to when the situation will be rectified.
Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Springfield, Vermont is expanding its water storage capabilities by building a new tank. The $1.1 million tank will help relieve the city’s future water pressure issues and is being funded by the State’s revolving loan fund funds and federal stimulus money.

Sewer Rate News
Allegan, Michigan
Altavista, Virginia
Antioch, California
Danvers, Massachusetts
Front Royal, Virginia


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